Since 2016

Who We Are!

Fire to Fire is a family centered, outdoor skills gathering. Our goal is to bring families and individuals together who share in the same love of the outdoors. We aspire to encourage families to spend time together in nature and connect with each other. We want you to reunite with friends and make new ones while we step away from the world and lean into the earth.

While attending, you’ll enjoy in a variety of activities and classes all week such as; plant walks, pottery, fire by friction, flint knapping, basket weaving, animal processing and much, much more!  We have amazing instructors who come from all over to teach and share their skills.

Other recreational activities are enjoyed such as; fly fishing, swimming, line dancing, canoeing, hiking, and horseback riding.

Fire to Fire is held on the beautiful banks of the Duchesne River in Tabiona Utah and is also a place of healing, which we strive to do through the land, sound baths, drumming, and lots of music!

We feel it is important to have the knowledge of the skills, take time away from the world, spend time with family, and connect with people on a different level in a beautiful environment . We feel passionate about bringing people together and sharing in each other’s company as we learn new skills, make new friends and create new memories.

Fire To Fire



Since 2016

See you soon!