About Brad Wade & Fire To Fire

“My Story”

In the summer of ‘93, when I was seventeen years old my dad sent me on a Survival Course. My dad had diligently searched for what he thought was the best school out there and decided to go with Dave Wescott and the Boulder Outdoor Survival School.

My Dad thought it was a good opportunity to humble a teenage boy and he knew I was up for an adventure.

I spent 28 days in Boulder, Utah, hiking, and living off the land. We covered a lot of miles and I spent four days on a solo trip. Fifteen miles before headquarters and on the last night I was there, Hawk and Patty Clinton and their two kids rolled into camp. Their son Zac and I hit it off right away, we connected through our love of the outdoors.

Zac told me about a gathering called Rabbitstick and invited me to come. I made a commitment right then that I would be there. Six weeks later I hopped on the Greyhound and found myself in Rexburg Idaho at my first primitive skills gathering. My love of “gatherings” and primitive skills had begun.

I’ve attended nearly thirty gatherings over the years, and I have created some amazing relationships along the way. I have loved what I have taken away from these gatherings and it’s sparked a desire to share my experiences with others. Through Fire to Fire we hope to create an enviroment where you feel like family, a place where you get to learn new skill sets, something primitive, unpluged and most importantantly create life long relationships.

I can’t wait to see you at Fire to Fire!

Brad Wade