I wanted to share a cool experience that Brad Wade and Semisi Katoa had this past holiday weekend while working together up at the Fire to Fire property in Tabiona, UT.  We’d been working hard since Friday getting things prepared for the Fire to Fire Gathering coming up next month and we decided Sunday morning we’d take a walk around the property.  For some reason we decided to walk to an area of the proprty we rarely if ever walk to.  Well sometimes things happen for a reason and this day was surely an example of that!

As we were walking along the fenceline of the property and the Duchesne River all of the sudden we heard this loud russle and crying sound against the fence a few yards in front of us!  Honestly it kind of scared the heck out of us at first since we thought we were all alone.  So we slowly kept moving forward and few more yards and all of the sudden we could see what was going on.  We found a young buck had gotten himself tied up into the fencing.  Luckily Brad had his phone on him and caught everything else on camera.  (See the video below)

Sometimes things really do happen for a reason.  If we hadn’t decieded to venture off to that end of the property that morning on that day the circumstances would have surely been different for that deer.  It was a cool experience and one I’ll never forget!  

Please feel free to share and make sure to register for Fire to Fire!  We have a whole lineup of awesome instructors and classes for the gathering.  Early Registration ends tomorrow, so make sure to register today or tomorrow before Regular Adult Rates Apply.  Its a family friendly environment and an excellent way to spend some time together as a family while learning amazing primative, outdoor and survival skills.  So come join us and invite a friend, we’d love to have ya!